To Sync music to your iPod, you should use the following procedures:

On a Mac or a PCEdit

  1. Plug in your iPod using the Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable.(included with every iPod)
  2. Open iTunes, then proceed by checking off songs in a small box to the left of the wanted song.
  3. Then, proceed by clicking i.e "John's iPod" . Then you shall see tabs at the top of the page saying "Music", "Movies", "photos", ETC.
  4. Click "Music"
  5. Then proceed by Checking the one of the box that say i.e "My Top Rated", "All iTunes library", and so-forth.
  6. After you checked off a box, go back to the page where you first clicked

"John's iPod".

  1. Click "Sync" or with an iPod Shuffle click "Autofill".
  2. Wait for the iPod to finish Syncing.
  3. Click "Eject" near "John's iPod.


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