Total Drama Freezer Burn is a game released as an game application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch for free. It released October 13, 2010.It is also based Off of Total Drama World Tour.


The game starts out with a family of sharks seeing Alejandro and they plan to eat him, with drool coming out of their mouths. In a cut-scene, Alejandro takes off his Aviator-like sunglasses and begins admiring himself in a hand-held mirror he takes out of a bag, until a seagull flies by and steals his bag, prompting him to give chase. As Alejandro chases the seagull, it flies over a lake of shivering cold water. Alejandro then drops on his knees as he skids to a stop at the lake, sighing.


In each level the player controls Alejandro as he leaps from ice floe to ice floe. While moving across the plain, the player must avoid baby seals, polar bears, beluga whales, dropping ice floes, and octopus hazards which cause the player to lose a life. Every time Alejandro leaps onto an ice floe with a coin on it the player achieves more points and eventually unlimited speed. The player has three lives every game.


  • This is the second Total Drama iPhone app, the first being Total Pandamonium.
    • It is currently the only Total Drama Game exclusive to the iPod.
  • This is the first game to feature Alejandro as a playable character.
  • Sierra, Cody, Owen, Tyler, and Duncan are all shown in the game but aren't playable characters.
  • The "hungry hungry sharks" from Niagara Brawls are seen frequently in the water.
  • Alejandro's sunglasses from Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 are wore by him.
  • This is the firstiPhone app game that is not available to be played on Cartoon Network's website.
  • Most fans believe that the seagull in the game is actually the one that annoyed DJ, doing the same to Alejandro.
  • While Alejandro is frozen if the player loses, he moves hand up and down like he's blowing a train's horn.


  • Sierra is shown paddling, but is immobile.
  • While Alejandro is holding the mirror or brush, his right hand has five fingers instead of four.
  • When Alejandro finds one of his items, part of his hair is missing.
  • When the player loses and Alejandro is shown frozen in an iceberg, it takes about 5 or more seconds for the "Play Again" screen to pop up.


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